Product Design Changes & Correction Updates

  • All CRT & CFT Tracks and Kits are supplied with both wood anchors & expansion shields for different application requirements.
  • With regards to the CGH glass hanger series on page 11 of the KNC Track Catalogue May 2011 and the following link:, the revised hole size in glass required is minimum 11/16” and we are now supplying glass hangers with nylon spacers for inserting around the bolts through the glass.
  • On page 32 of the KNC Thresholds, Weathestrip, Astragals, Automatic Door Bottoms & Stair Nosings Product catalogue April 2010, the following products are NOT Classified UL rated; W-21, W-22 & W-66. The products are listed under WHI Certification only.
  • CFT-200 Series product size/dimensions and design has changed. Please see the following links for more details:

  • C-35 Door Lock’s Backset is 2-3/8” (not 2-5/8”, error in May 2011 Track Catalogue, page 72). C-35 Door Lock is not available in 2-3/4” Backset.
  • Door Locks & Pulls colour chart (May 2011 Track Catalogue, page 72); Mirror Stainless Steel (629, C32, US32) Finish will no longer be available (Effective Immediately).
  • C-400-SS, C-500-SS & C-538-SS Stainless Steel Hanger product details and dimensions have been revised. See the following link for more details:
  • C-994-SS & C-995-SS Stainless Steel hangers will be available Summer 2012.
  • C-140 Fascia has been incorrectly labeled in the May 2011 Track Catalogue, page 67. The 4” face fascia is the C-140, not the C-130. The C-130 is the 3” face fascia. Please note the C-140 Fascia is now extruded aluminum, not formed. See the following link for more details:
  • Please note, effective April 2nd, 2012 the following changes & corrections will be made to our products to reflect the new Price List:
    1. Indicated Sliding Door Track & Products in the price list will be available & supplied in Kit Format. Please see kit description details in price list. For large quantity orders, bulk packing is available.
    2. Please note in the May 2011 Sliding Door Track & Hardware catalogue, pages 25-37, 47 & 48, Single Track Systems will be supplied with two (2) stops. Pages 51 & 52 By-Passing Systems will be supplied with four (4) stops.
    3. Type C & Type B Crowderframe Kits will be supplied with two (2) CDC-411 (Type C) and CDC-400 (Type B) Catch/Stops respectively. These will replace the single C-100 in-track stop previously supplied in the Crowderframe Kits.
    4. C-2035 Kits will be supplied standard with Clear Anodized Finish C-2035 Track with built-in Fascia.