Why You Really Need a Pocket Door on a Sliding Track

If you need to free up some space in a small room, pocket doors might be the perfect solution for you. Pocket doors do not use hinges. Instead, they use a sliding door track that allows them to conveniently disappear into the walls when open. Though these space-saving doors have different installation requirements than those pocket door to bathroomof traditional doors, they are a fairly easy-to-make addition to your home. They are also a sensible choice.

When a traditional door is opened into a room, there is typically space between the door and the wall that is unusable. Because pocket doors do not open into a room, they do not take up your valuable floor space. Pocket doors can also be used to divide a room, such as sectioning off a parlor in an older home or turning a large corporate conference room into two separate areas so that you can double the number of meetings you're able to hold at once. Additionally, the smart, subtle design of pocket doors helps to make your walls appear complete and uninterrupted.

When renovating your home, it is wise to choose doors that can be hidden away into the walls. If your home is finished and the drywall is already complete, it is not too late to add a pocket door to a room. At this point, the door's sliding track can be drilled into the wall over the opening instead of beneath it. The types of pocket doors have changed over the years, and new styles have recently made these doors re-emerge as a popular choice for homeowners.

Consider pocket doors that slide on tracks to enhance your room decor and bring a space-saving solution to your final design. The addition of these doors to any room in your home is sure to provide the functionality you need.