CCSF-810 Zero Clearance Catch'N'Close Hangers

Side Mount Track & Fascia


For Single And Bi-Parting Wall Mounted Doors

Minimalistic by design, the CC-810 zero clearance hanger paired with the CC-905 flush mount ceiling track remove distraction from the room by levelling the track with the ceiling. The CC-810 hangers reduce light and sound entry, while our nylon wheels with precision ball bearings allow for smooth and quiet door operation. The addition of the Catch’N’Close closing system enables the door to glide into position without assistance.

  • Up to 300 lbs [136 kg] per door
  • Cycle tested up to 150,000 times.
  • ADA compliant

Suitable Door Thickness - Min 1-3/4" [44.5mm]

How to Specify/Order CCSF-810 for one door opening:


Above kit includes:

  • 1 - CC-908 Side Mount Track C.A. X [track length] (typically 2 x door width, example: 36" wide door requires a 72" long track)
  • 1 - CC-980 Side Mount Fascia C.A. X [track length]
  • 2 - CC-982 End Caps C.A.
  • 2 - CC-810 Zero Clearance Catch’N’Close Hangers
  • 2 - CC-3 Catch’N’Close Closing Devices (for doors weighing up to 300lbs [136kg])
  • 2 - CC-101HD Catch’N’Close In-Track Stops
  • 1 - C-914 Guide Channel x [door width] (example: 36" wide door requires a 36" long guide channel)
  • 1 - C-913 Floor Guide
Patented in Canada and USAK.N. Crowder's Catch'N'Close® system is a Patented product in Canada & the U.S.
Catch'N'Close® is a registered trademark of K.N. Crowder Mfg. Inc. in Canada & the U.S.