Complete 2X4 Pocket Door Kit

Crowderframe Pocket Door Kits

Complete installation video coming soon!

For a quick and easy install, we chose our C-411 Quick Release Hangers for these pocket door kits.

Check out the drawings to see how easily the door connects and adjusts! Our nylon wheels with precision ball bearings ensure smooth and quiet door operation.

  • Up to 150 lbs. [68 kg] per door

Additional Features:

  • Complete with roll formed steel uprights for less deflection and easy to screw into for drywall fastening
  • Choose to install the door before OR after the drywall goes up
  • Adjust door height and plumb while the door is up
  • Faster and easier installation than a traditional pocket built on-site
  • For single or bi-parting door applications
  • For 2X6 Wall Construction, please refer to Type C-W-2X6
  • For doors up to 48" [1219 mm] wide x 96" [2438 mm] high x 1-3/4" [44.5 mm] thick & up to 150 lbs. [68 kg]!
  • For CP-913/C-914 Guide Option, please refer to Type C-W – Ideal for 1-3/8" [34.9 mm] thick doors
  • For C-1200 Guide Option, please refer to Type C

How to Specify/Order:

  • Type C-B Crowderframe Pocket Door Kit
    For maximum door weight of 150 lbs. [68 kg]
  • For doors from 18" [457 mm] to 48" [1219 mm] wide x 80" [2032 mm] to 96" [2438 mm] high, please provide door size when specifying/ordering.
  • For Double/Bi-Parting Door Kits, use two Single Door Kits and Specify one CPD-2X4 Joiner Kit