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Established in 1952 by Kenneth Newton Crowder, KN Crowder has grown into an industry leader in quality architectural sliding door and entranceway hardware. Our team produces a diverse line of products including Catch ‘N’ Close sliding door track systems, door locks and pulls, weatherstrip, thresholds, automatic door bottoms, foot grilles, floor mats, door louvers, stair nosing, and door lites.

At our family-owned and operated Canadian company, commitment to innovation, craftsmanship, quality, and enduring relationships is ingrained in our DNA. With over 70 years in the industry, we have consistently delivered products that prioritize exquisite design and user-friendliness.

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For three generations, the Crowder family has upheld a reputation of excellence. Our company's vision is rooted in pushing the boundaries of innovation and setting the standard for top-tier entranceway and door hardware. All raw materials are sourced in North America, and all manufacturing is proudly carried out in Canada by our dedicated and loyal team, ensuring we bring moments of delight into your spaces.

This vision propels us to continuously design groundbreaking products that address real-world challenges. Customization is at the heart of what we do, from curving track to a myriad of finish options, catering to unique foot grille specifications, and crafting specialized track systems for settings like hospitals and showrooms. Our patented Catch ‘N’ Close line of sliding door track systems has revolutionized the industry, resolving issues like bouncing and slamming, enhancing ease of use, and safeguarding doors and their hardware.

It's an honor beyond measure to be recognized by eminent architects and designers across North America. Rest assured, we are dedicated to fulfilling your project needs with exceptional craftsmanship and commitment to realizing your vision.

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