We believe in and are committed to craft, quality and enduring relationships.

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We are proud to say we are one of Canada's leaders in manufacturing quality entranceway hardware. Our team produces a diverse line of products including; Catch’N’Close® Sliding Door Track Systems, door locks and pulls, weatherstrip, thresholds, automatic door bottoms, foot grilles, door louvers, stair nosing, and steelites. Committed to innovation, craft, quality, and long-lasting relationships, our family-owned and operated Canadian company has been in business for over 70 years, creating top-of-the-line products that are safe, user-friendly, and beautifully designed.

The Crowder family has prided themselves on their reputation for three generations now, with the fourth generation starting to learn the business on the shop floor. The vision for the company is to be driven by innovation and define what it means to produce high-quality door hardware. With all raw materials sourced in North America, and all manufacturing done in Canada by our hard working, dedicated and loyal team, we strive to bring moments of enjoyment into your space.

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This vision continues to drive the innovative design of new products that solve problems for people. Our team loves to customize everything we offer; curving track, offering endless finish options, fulfilling unique foot grill specifications, developing specialized track systems for hospitals and showrooms, to start the list. Our patented Catch ‘N’ Close product line of sliding door track systems has been a game changer in the industry, solving bouncing and slamming issues, increasing ease of use, and protecting doors and their hardware.

We find no higher honour, than in being asked for by name by top architects and designers across North America. We are dedicated to continue to fulfill your project needs, whether it’s for a dream home in the Muskoka or a Four Seasons Hotel in New York City.

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