Save Money

How To Save Money At K.N. Crowder

  1. Order more and stock more products. This is a given, but the more you order at one time the better your discount will be. As the total price for the order increases so does your discount.
  2. When ordering sliding door track and hardware, if possible always order the stock sets. It's more economical than buying the track by the foot and then ordering the hardware. Let's say that you need a C500 x 60" 2DR but you look on the price list and you only see a C500 x 48" 2DR and a C500x64" 2DR. Instead of ordering 1 piece of C500 x 60" track and 2 sets of 1 door hardware, order the stock set C500 x 64" 2DR and then cut it down to the proper size. 
  3. Bulk pack for a better discount. You have just received a job for 100 stock sets of C400 x 72" 1DR all going to the same job site. It costs us a lot of money to package each stock set individually. It's cheaper for us to pack all the track together and all the hardware together. We save money on labor and packaging. If we save money we will reward you and give you a better discount. So from now on look to bulk pack as much as possible and ask for a bulk pack price
  4. Buy the Type "C" frame instead of the Type "B" and keep your contractor happy. If you look at the two frames on this web site or our catalogue you will see there is not much difference. They're basically the same except for the hangers and the header. For the Type "B" the hanger is our standard C400 whereas the Type "C" is our new Quick Release Hanger with the spinning wheel. This hanger is an installers dream because it's FAST and EASY to use. You slide the hanger body into the track and mount the top plates to the door. Then you just lift the door up and drop it in place and adjust the spinning wheel to level the door (see picture). Tighten the hex to lock everything into place. This Type "C" hanger saves you so much labor time. It pays for itself over and over again. It's not that big of a deal when you are installing one frame. If you are installing 10, 20, 100 or more it will save the end user/contractor hours and hours of assembly time. Once you use this hanger you will never want to use anything else.
  5. Order the W21 by the 515 roll and stock it. There are only 4 ways to order W21, by the foot, a 17 ft. roll, a 20 ft. roll or a 515ft roll. Look at the price list and do the math. If you buy the 515 ft roll you basically buy 250 ft. and get the other 265 ft. for free.