Yes, we can curve any of the following tracks & guide Channels: C-104 Track, C-108 Side Mount Track, C-400 Track, C-914 Guide Channel and C-201 Guide Channel. In order for us to give you an accurate quote, we require the following information:

  • 1. Door Weight: __________________
  • 2. Door Width: __________________
  • 3. Door Thickness: __________________
  • 4. Number of Doors: __________________
  • 5. Radius to Centerline of Track/Door: __________________
  • 6. Top Mount or Side Mount Track: __________________
(If using the C-108 Side Mount Track, please specify if the Track is mounted on the inside or outside of the curve)

Our type "B" & "C" pocket door kits are suited for 1 3/8" & 1 3/4" solid core doors.

IT SAVES YOU TIME AND MONEY. This hanger is no doubt the easiest to install on the market. First you slide the hanger into the track and then fasten the track to the wall or header. Then you take the top plate and the square bolt and mount them to the top of the door. Then you just lift the door up, locate the square bolt so it lines up with the square slot in the hanger body and drop it into place. To finish it off just spin the spinning wheel to level the door. It really couldn't be easier or faster. When installing a lot of these units you will be pleased at how much labor time it saves.

Yes, we can make any size threshold you want. We have a "universal saddle assembly" which will allow you to build a threshold as wide as you want. We can also rip down any of our thresholds to meet your exact dimensions.

All of are products maximum lengths are now available on the web page. Just locate the product and it will tell you. We will also cut our product to whatever size you wish at no charge.

The abrasive has anti-slip so it is better for exterior applications.

This is actually how we come out with a lot of our new products. Our customers call in with a request and we will do whatever we can to help satisfy their needs. Then if we think that there will be a demand for this new product we add it to our line.

The aluminum grille/mat or vinyl are the easiest for cleaning because you can just drag a broom or a mop over it. Then lift it up and sweep or vacuum out underneath it.

Our steelites have beveled edges not flat. Therefore it prevents any water or dust accumulation because it just slides off. Ours are also snap-ins so they don't have any screws or fasteners, which makes them easier to install and cosmetically neater. We also have NEW sizes refer to the section on the web page or our catalogue or contact us for more info.