We have been receiving a lot of questions from our customers regarding the difference between our Grilles and other manufacturer's. 

We firmly believe in our product line and stand behind it 100% and hope to enlighten everyone as to all the benefits of choosing our product. Our number 1 priority is to satisfy you the first time so you will buy from us again. This is why we insist on making our Grilles to last a very long time.

KNC Tough Grilles

KNC Assembly Method

The Two most common causes of failure in Grilles are shifting and curling. These create trip hazards or enlarged spaces that high heels can get caught in resulting in injuries that can lead to expensive lawsuits. Ken-a-Grilles are assembled with nylon spacers that help prevent shifting and curling from happening. Most other manufacturers use steel or aluminum spacers. The first problem with this is that you can't achieve as much tension on the Grille because the spacer won't compress like our nylon one will. The more tension you can put on the Grille the longer it will retain its shape. Tough nylon spacers allow the Grille components to "flex" and return under the stressful conditions that Grilles are subjected to (refer to above photo). The second problem with aluminum/steel spacers used by other manufacturers is that, with heavy traffic flow, the flexing which occurs causes the spacers to dig into the aluminum bars wearing down the material and thus causing the Grilles to shift. Also, two metals rubbing against each other will be a lot noisier than nylon spacers rubbing against aluminum bars. Finally, compared to other manufactures our spacers have a much larger diameter. This allows us to give more support to the bars, which in turn increases Grille strength. 

The second major advantage is that extra strong 3/8" threaded steel rods are used to hold our grille together instead of aluminum key-lock bars or rods. With key-lock or twist-lock Grilles (another popular manufacturer's method), assembly is achieved by punching large triangular holes in the tread bars and interlocking a notched flat bar (rod) through these holes. Both the components are significantly weakened before being assembled and inevitably the tread bars begin to shift relative to each other, become loose, rattle and break. 

The third major difference is the use of material. If you compare the design of our Foot Grille bars versus other manufacturers you will see that we use considerably more material throughout. We have spent years researching and improving our designs to make them as strong and efficient as possible. Engineered I-beam-design bars put the material where it provides the most strength. These stronger bars combined with the assembly method discussed above results in Grilles that add strength and keep them from becoming loosened, curling, weakened and noisy. 

The combination of the Nylon spacers, strong bars and threaded steel rods are the backbone of the Grille. It gives the support and strength to the Grille. Wear is minimal and the result is a quiet durable grille that stands the test of time. This is why our Grilles are frequently used to replace competitors Grilles that have deteriorated.

Ken-a-grilles might cost a little more but they will pay for themselves time and time again because we build them to last. We feel that the workmanship & quality of our products exceeds most other manufacturers. That is why companies like Canadian Tire, Tim Horton's, Home Depot and Shoppers Drug Mart … all spec. our Ken-a-Grilles. We have been in business for over 50 years and we pride ourselves in making a top quality product that lasts a long, long time. If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to call. 

Thank You,

Jeremy Crowder
Vice President