K.N. Crowder’s LEED Information

A growing number of our customers are involved in projects seeking a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Green Building Rating.

Although K.N. Crowder products are not LEED certified we have made a conscious effort to reduce the environmental impact of our production facilities and products. Recycled content and regionally produced materials are standard objectives in our operations. Recycling of aluminum, steel, and PVC products are daily practices.

Re-use of packaging is also automatic and when not possible materials are recycled. Standard 'brown' cardboard is used for packaging – no glossy, retail grade, high ink-content materials. For larger projects, additional discounts are provided to our customers in order to permit bulk packaging, thereby often reducing cardboard consumption by 75% or more. Non corrosive, water soluble cutting and parts washing fluids are used in our processes and certified disposal suppliers are used if necessary.

LEED certified aluminum extrusions are used as standard on some of our products and can be sourced for almost all others. We have confirmation from our aluminum suppliers that the aluminum we purchase does not have any recycled material in it. The extruded aluminum material is, however, 100% recyclable. Our aluminum suppliers can supply LEED material (6063 – Secondary LEED) on a special request basis. Such requests require a custom order of raw materials and would be at a premium price.

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Recycled PVC makes up a portion of our vinyl extrusions. Many of our molded nylon components also contain recycled material. Bulk purchasing and purchasing from local suppliers where ever possible is used to minimize the environmental impact of transportation of raw materials.

K.N. Crowder products are manufactured, packaged and shipped from our Factory located at 1220 Burloak Drive, Burlington, Ontario, Canada.

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