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Our Cantilever System allows for a sliding door to be installed over an opening with a gap in the track system for spe-cific needs such as a patient lift tracking system traveling from one room to the next. The Maximum cantilever gap is 8" [203mm].


With 2 pieces of our C-108 Track mounted to the wall, the door can be hung using our C-105-C or C-107-C continuous hanger (same width as door). See page 44 for C-105-4 with C-108 or page 42 for C-107-4 with C-108 for more details. Our Heavy-Duty C-914 Guide Channel in conjunction with our C-913-2 Dual Roller Floor Guide provides stability to the bottom of the door, while the CAS-1R Stop provides safe, problem free door positioning. The C-102HD Floor Stop provides additional stoppage for the bottom of the doors and prevents door from "kicking".

Cantilever Installation VideoInstallation Video - Cantilever Hardware System

Finally, our C-110 Fascia snaps into position covering the track, hangers, and stops, cutting down on time and expensive labour required on-site to fabricate a fascia or bulk head. Our stock C-110 End Caps are used on the two outside ends of the fascia, and notched C-110 End Caps are used on the inside of the cantilever gap to cover the track while allowing the hanger to travel through. The C-110 is available in Clear Anodized aluminum or painted primer finish from stock. Baked on Enamel finishes are also available to meet job specific requirements.

NOTE: There are no kits available for this product as it is a special application and each job varies. Please contact Jeremy Crowder or Greg Paron for more details and application set-up.

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Cantilever a Door