The C-54BL Barn Door Lockset is a straightforward privacy lock crafted for barn doors in both commercial and residential settings, eliminating the need for additional framing. This barrier-free (ADA compliant) set features a handle lever on the jamb, enabling easy locking and unlocking of the bolt from the inside of the room. For added convenience and security, a discrete emergency release button is located on the exterior of the door. This lockset is available in a variety of architectural finishes, with the option for custom finishing available.

Door Thickness: 1 3/8 in [34.9 mm] to 1 3/4 in [44.5 mm]

Dustproof Strike: included

Backset: standard 2 1/4 in [57.2 mm]

Included Components: one C-54BL Lock Body complete with one ADA Handle Lever Trim


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( ) = finish