The C-80L-CT Security Lockset is a comprehensive lock, flush and edge pull system crafted with precision and attention to detail. This set includes modern 2 1/4 in [57.2 mm] by 4 in [101.6 mm] flush pulls, one with a 1 in [25.4 mm] cylinder and one with a thumb turn, and a built-in swing-out edge pull, providing security without compromising on style or ease of use. This lockset is available in a variety of architectural finishes, with the option for custom finishing available.

Door Thickness: 1 3/8 in [34.9 mm] to 1 3/4 in [44.5 mm]

Strike Plate: 1 1/4 in [31.8 mm] x 4 7/8 in [123.8 mm]

Dustproof Box: included

Backset: standard 2 3/4 in [69.9 mm] (alternative backsets available upon request)

Included Components: one C-80L Lock and Edge Pull Body, one C-80C Cylinder Flush Pull, one Cylinder, and one C-80T Thumb Turn Flush Pull


C-80L-CT x ( )

( ) = finish