Our curved door track departs from the traditional and enables interesting spaces to be created using curved walls and doors.

Sliding doors, whether curved or straight, save tremendous amounts of floor space compared to hinged doors. Curved tracks can be side-mounted or top mounted inside a pocket. Almost all tracks and guide channels can be curved to meet the exact specified dimensions. With a 36 in [914 mm] minimum, any radius can be accommodated in any arc length. The curved sliding door track system is quiet and durable and ensures that the door’s glide is extremely smooth.

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KN Crowder is committed to innovation and quality engineered, durable, time-tested door hardware. Our engineering experts provide solutions to your specific hardware needs. Our raw materials are of the highest quality and North American sourced, with all manufacturing done in Canada. With over 150, 000 cycle tests or the equivalent of 30 years of normal use, our hangers stand strong without experiencing any measurable wear or increase in noise.


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