Our Catch ‘N’ Close Crowder Frame Pocket Door Kits have been perfected.

As always, our nylon wheels with precision ball bearings allow for smooth and quiet door operation. The Catch ‘N’ Close closing system enables the door to glide into position without any assistance.

  • Complete with roll-formed steel uprights for less deflection and easy to screw into for drywall fastening
  • The NEW CC-493 Easy Connect Top Mount Hangers allow you the choice to install the door before OR after the drywall goes up. They also allow for height and plumb adjustments while the door is up
  • New Catch ‘N’ Close slot makes installation or replacement of Catch ‘N’ Close devices simple. No removing trim, the door, or cutting into the drywall required
  • Faster and easier installation than a traditional pocket built on-site
  • For single or bi-parting door applications
  • For 2X4 wood wall construction or 3 5/8" metal stud wall construction
  • For 2X6 wood wall construction, please refer to Type CC-NR-2X6
  • For 6" metal stud wall construction, please refer to Type CC-NR-6MS

Using gas spring technology, we created a system that allows sliding doors to close and stay closed. The door will automatically slow and close itself the final few inches without user assistance. This design has the unique ability to safeguard the door and hardware from wear and tear.

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Easy Connect Hangers

Our Easy Connect Hangers were engineered to simplify the installation process. The top plate features a cut-out that accepts the Easy Connect bolt, reducing your installation time.

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KN Crowder is committed to innovation and quality engineered, durable, time-tested door hardware. Our engineering experts provide solutions to your specific hardware needs. Our raw materials are of the highest quality and North American sourced, with all manufacturing done in Canada. With over 150, 000 cycle tests or the equivalent of 30 years of normal use, our hangers stand strong without experiencing any measurable wear or increase in noise.


Ideal for 1 3/4 in [44.5 mm] thick doors

Ideal for 1 3/8 in [34.9 mm] thick doors

( ) = maximum door weight (75 for 75 lbs. [34 kg] or 1 for 150 lbs. [68 kg])

For doors from 18 in [457 mm] to 29 in [736 mm] wide x 80 in [2032 mm] to 96 in [2438 mm] high, please provide door size when specifying/ordering

For doors more than 30 in [762 mm] wide, please refer to Type CC

For bi-parting doors, use two single door kits and specify one CPD-2X4-Joiner Kit

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product image