The C-60L-RET Privacy Lockset is a comprehensive lock, flush, and edge pull system crafted with precision and attention to detail. This set includes modern round 2 3/8 in [60.3 mm] diameter flush pulls, a thumb turn, and a separate spring-loaded edge pull. The emergency release coin turn provides an added layer of safety by allowing the door to be unlocked quickly and easily from the outside. This lockset is available in a variety of architectural finishes, with the option for custom finishing available.

Door Thickness: 1 3/8 in [34.9 mm] to 1 3/4 in [44.5 mm]

Strike Plate: 1 1/8 in [28.6 mm] x 2 3/4 in [69.9 mm]

Dustproof Box: included

Backset: standard 2 3/8 in [60.3 mm] (alternative backsets available upon request)

Included Components: one C-62L Lock Body, one C-61 Edge Pull, one C-60RE Round Emergency Release Coin Turn Flush Pull, and one C-60RT Round Thumb Turn Flush Pull


C-60L-RET x ( )

( ) = finish