Our Crowder Slide systems are designed to finish off the entire opening with anodized or powder-coated aluminum snap-on covers and trim that create a seamless and uniform look. Using our CCSF-993 Catch ‘N’ Close Barn Door Series, a full height strike jamb allows for privacy or security lock sets to be used without the need to build a jamb out from the wall. Complete Jamb, Strike & Trim system comes with pile inserts to improve sound and light transmission around the door when closed.

Ideal for hospitality, medical, commercial and office applications.

Crowder Slide System Coming Soon!


Using gas spring technology, we created a system that allows sliding doors to close and stay closed. The door will automatically slow and close itself the final few inches without user assistance. This design has the unique ability to safeguard the door and hardware from wear and tear.

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KN Crowder is committed to innovation and quality engineered, durable, time-tested door hardware. Our engineering experts provide solutions to your specific hardware needs. Our raw materials are of the highest quality and North American sourced, with all manufacturing done in Canada. With over 150, 000 cycle tests or the equivalent of 30 years of normal use, our hangers stand strong without experiencing any measurable wear or increase in noise.


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